Day Trading. S & P 500 Index Futures Contract. Arthur H. Ullrich

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Название: Day Trading. S & P  500  Index Futures Contract.

Автор: Arthur H. Ullrich.

    Every trading day I will send you my Commentary for that day.   The commentary is a  discussion of the days  activity and comments on the lessons the day presented to us.    I will also send you a chart of the day noting my trades.      The chart will come to you as  an attachment to the  Commentary. If your Net access provider does not offer a service to down load  a PCX file,  I urge you to move to America Online or another provider that does. There will be days when I may send you several charts.  You need to view them...    Other wise we need to set up a separate  arrangement to fax you charts each day...     That cost is far more than AOL.   So do what you see fit.

When you have a question or a  statement do not address it to the group.   If it has merit and will contribute to the  subject at hand I will copy everyone on both your question and my response.

Because everyone in this group is not at the same level, lets all try to stick to current events for the first week or so.   In other words don't try to get too far ahead.    I can only go so fast.    If we don't make the progress I expect , I will provide additional time.    Don't start watching the clock on the course, let me do that.    And,  if for any reason you or I need  to take time off,  the time will be adjusted to ensure you get all the time we agreed to...  Market holidays will not be counted as a training day....There will be an adjustment.

I am not a TradeStation or EasyLanguage expert.    So if you have software or computer problems contact tech-support.    There are often  software experts in the class who may be able to help, but I ask you to respect their time also.

Section    1   

Section  2
General Comments, Suggestions, Beliefs, and Other Important Stuff        

Section  3
Trend Turn  (TT)
Special  Reversal   Bars
BEK Trades (BEK)
123 Entries (123)
Second Signal (SS)
20/20 Trade (20/20)
Gap Trade (GT)
English Buy/Sell (Eng)
Outside  Bar (OB)
Bullish Engulfing Bar (BEB)    
Bearish Engulfing Bar (BrEB)
Holy Grail
4th - Bar
Characteristics of a Price Bar    
Pivot Points
Trend Lines and Triangles

Section 4
Projected High/Low for Tomorrow
Tom DeMark's Method
Alternate Method

Section 5
Delta Turns  
Lunch in New York
Money Management

Section 6
Stop Loss Placement
Trailing Stops
100-Point Trailing Stop
One-Minute Bars

Section 7
SETUP for Charts
Primary Chart
ADX Chart
One-Minute Chart
Trend Tracking Charts  

Section 8
Building your Daily Worksheet

Section 9
Notations, Codes, and Abbreviations

Section 10
Suggested Reading

Section 11

Section 12
Items ,  Add ins,  Misl

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