Articles from Eliott Wave Theorist Journal. Prechter R.

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17.11.11 11:48
Название: Articles from Eliott Wave Theorist Journal.

Автор: Prechter R.

    The socionomic insight is that the conventional assumption about the direction of causality between social mood and social action is not only incorrect but the opposite of what actually occurs. Socionomics is based on the principle, developed by deduction from the existence of the Wave Principle and by induction from the chronology of market behavior and other social actions, that social mood determines the character of social events.

    As previous studies demonstrate, rising stock trends do not improve the public mood; an improving social mood makes stock prices rise. Economics do not underlie social mood; social mood underlies economics. Stock trends do not follow corporate earnings; corporate earnings follow stock trends. Politics do not affect social mood; social mood affects politics. Demographics do not determine stock market trends; the social mood that determines stock market trends determines demographics. Styles of popular art and entertainment do not affect the social mood; the social mood determines the popularity of various styles of popular art and entertainment. War does not impact stock market trends; the mood that governs stock market trends determines the propensity for war. And so on. All economic, political and cultural developments are shaped and guided by the Wave Principle of human social behavior. It is the engine of everything from popular fads and fashions to the events of collective action that make history.
Conventional belief is the opposite of the above insight. It is solidly entrenched and pervasive almost to the point of ubiquity. It is deeply intuitive and utterly wrong.
The conventional mind sees social events as causes of social mood. Hew ever ask the causes of the events themselves. Those who do simply assign the cause to other events.

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