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Название: Day Trader's Manual from Futures Magazine.

Most traders have their favorite markets. In many cases, though, the same markets you excel in with interday trading, you may perish in with intraday trading. It's vital, then, to know how to pick good markets for your day-trading strategies.

But one market can't be a panacea for all day-trading problems. It's still important to know what you trade, warns William Darby, president and chief executive officer of Darby Trading Consultants in White Plains, N.Y. "Professional traders often find they have a special knack for some markets, whether it's from past job experience, training, whatever. Some people just perform better in certain markets."

Still, if a market doesn't have a wide price range as well as considerable volatility, liquidity and consistency Darby says, it can be a bust for day-trading no matter how well you know it.

Table of contents

Day-trader's paradise
By James T. Holter
There's more than just knowing how to day-trade. You must know where to day-trade. Good day-tradable markets have certain attributes. Knowing these, and which markets have them, at least puts you in the right arena.

All in a day's work
By Mark Etzkorn
Why day-trade? It's a good way to control risk for one thing. But it's also a unique game. We'll give you some ideas on how to make the most of the advantages and avoid the pitfalls.

What you need for day-trading speed
By Darrell Jobman
Before you can put even stellar day-trading ideas to work, you must have a way to get price data to you and your order to the floor. Here's what the prospective day-trader needs to set up shop.

Day-trading: Not what you think
By Mark D. Cook
From a 25-year veteran of day-trading, here are the rules for succeeding in this most difficult of time periods.

Day-trading overview
By Jake Bernstein
Day-trading's time has come with the advent of intraday quotes and software availability. Still, some technical analysis transcends time. Here an old pro provides the strengths and weaknesses of applying those to day-trading.

Key to day-trading:
Have your 'team' in place
By Chris McGinnis
More important for the day-trader than others is to have the proper 'team' in place. You especially need a good floor broker who can execute your trades in a heartbeat. But, you must pay him well.

How to find the right support and resistance
By Joe Duffy
Finding support and resistance for a day-trader can keep him alive in a volatile market. Here's one idea, implemented with others, to find those target areas.

S&P day-trading systems:
What works and what doesn't
By George Pruitt
If you want to develop a system, here are some ideas gleaned from studying top performing day-trading systems. If you would rather buy a system, those that only trade the S&P 500 seem to do best.

Getting the 'edge'
By Frank J. Alfonso
The best advice for an off-floor trader who wants to day- trade is to develop or buy a system that will force him into action. Buying a system may save you time, but you should use the same rigorous rules to test it.

Applying TD Sequential to intraday charts
By Tom DeMark
Originally designed for daily analysis, Tom DeMark's TD Sequential indicator also works for intraday analysis. It is especially effective for targeting high- and low-risk entry points.

Taking advantage of the big event
By Mitchell Holland
Day-trading takes more finesse than most techniques. Here is a way to take advantage of market reports, etc. without being taken out before the market moves.

Get ready: How an options specialist prepares for the market opening
By Jon Najarian
When a professional options trader prepares for the day's market, he looks at much more than technical indicators. Here's a personal account of what it takes to be prepared for the day.

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