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18.11.11 11:44
Название: Gann Course.

    In this first lesson you should understand W.D. Gann, the man. Who the man was, what he did, and how he did it.  I have included below two articles: The Remarkable W.D. Gann written by John J. Gann, Jr., who was W.D. Gann's grandson and another article W.D. Gann A Legend written by Les Clemens. Both articles are excellent.

If you had been a businessman traveling across Texas in 1891, you might have bought a newspaper and a couple of cigars from a tall, lanky 13-year-old selling them on your train. And as you talked with your fellow travelers about investments, you might have noticed the youth eavesdropping intently on your conversation.

If you had asked him, the boy might have told you his name was Willy and, yes, he was interested in commodities. His dad was a farmer in Angelina County, and just about everyone he knew was as well. They were all concerned about the prices their cotton would bring. And had you inquired whether young Willy also wanted to till the East Texas soil when he got older, he might have said no, he didn't think so: he wanted to be a businessman.

“Well, good luck, young Willy,” you might have said. “Maybe you'll have your own business some day, maybe you'll even be famous. Who knows? No one can predict the future.”

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