Money management strategies for futures traders

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18.11.11 12:28
Название: Money management strategies for futures traders.

    In a sense, every successful trader employs money management principles in the course of futures trading, even if only unconsciously. The goal of this book is to facilitate a more conscious and rigorous adoption of these principles in everyday trading. This chapter outlines the money management process in terms of market selection, exposure control trade-specific risk assessment, and the allocation of capital across competing opportunities. In doing so, it gives the reader a broad overview of the book.

   A signal to buy or sell a commodity may be generated by a technical or chart-based study of historical data. Fundamental analysis, or a study of demand and supply forces influencing the price of a commodity, could also be used to generate trading signals. Important as signal generation is, it is not the focus of this book. The focus of this book is on the decision-making process that follows a signal.

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