Trading in the Zone. Kiev A.

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Название: Trading in the Zone.

Автор: Kiev A.

    Thomas Edison performed 2,999 experiments before he invented the electric light bulb-a fact reflective of his incredible perseverance in the face of defeat. Edison's experience is an inspirational model for people from all walks of life but especially for traders who must learn to remain committed to their objectives in spite of repeated failures
While a few traders are so-called naturals and from the start seem to thrive in the emotionally charged, high-risk activity of trading, most traders must work at learning psychologically sound ways of riding out the highs and lows and especially at learning how to persevere in the face of failure. My first trading book. Trading to Win, focuses on psychological strategies for successful trading Trading in the Zone expands on these themes and represents three more years of experience in working with a variety of traders on issues ranging from portfolio size and strategy to traditional coaching issues pertaining to performance, motivation, and recovery from failure.

Part One    Getting in the Zone
Chapter 1      Defining the Zone
How to Enter the Zone      
How to Be in the Zone      
How to Stay in the Zone       
Chapter 2      Overcoming the Past
Identifying Past Programming       
Modifying Your Behavior       
Chapter 3      Using a Goal
Setting the Goal       
Resisting the Goal-Setting Approach       
Implementing a Strategy       
Maintaining the Mental Groove       
Staying Committer!        

Part Two   Preparing for the Trade
Chapter 4      Gathering Information
The Need lor Good Analysis       
Determining What Is Pertinent       
Processing the Information        
Timing Is Important       
Chapter 5      Understanding the Analysis
Using Technical Analysis       
Examining Technical Indicators        
Understanding Macro        
Chapter 6     Learning More
Gaining an Edge       
Finding Value in a Company        
Fundamental Reasons to Buy       
Understanding the Unseen Variables        

Part Three   Controlling the Risk
Chapter 1      Managing the Risk
Review Your Statistics        
Play Bigger       
Building a Portfolio       
Chapter 6      Tolerating the Pain
Control Your Emotions        
Handle the Losses        
Part Four   Trading Consistently
Chapter 9      Learning from Your Mistakes
Picking Tops or Bottoms        
Holding on to Losers        
Failing to Take Prolits        
Bidding for Stocks        
Relying on Intuition       
Reviewing Mistakes
Chapter 10    Overcoming Psychological Obstacles Letting Go ol Seller's Remorse        
Perfectionism and Paralysis        
The "Poor Me" Syndrome
Combating Complacency       
Inability to Adjust       
Clearing the Hurdles        
Chapter 11     Stepping Up to the Challenge
Continue the Challenge      
Do Practice Visual Imagery Rehearsal        
Do Go Further        
Do Focus        
Don't Abandon Your Opinion        
Don't Say "Burnt Our        
Don't Withdraw       
Take the Step        

Part Five   Using Advanced Strategies
Chapter 12    Taking Advantage of Capitulation
Defining Capitulation        
Trading in a Collapsing Market        
Managing in Inflection       
Chapter 13    Short Selling
Developing a Thesis       
Defining a Good Short     
Perfecting the Timing and Relevance       
Managing the Psychology       

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